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Yoga practices shift our identity away from the ego-personality and its struggles so that we can begin to reconnect with the essential nature of our being, which is bliss.

Teacher Training

Earth to Ether offers a unique and comprehensive vinyasa yoga teacher training program that draws upon more than two decades of extensive exploration, study, practice, and teaching in not only yogic disciplines but in healing and psychotherapy. This meticulously structured training covers the fundamental philosophy and methodology topics essential for aspiring yoga teachers. You will explore both core teachings as well as specialised topics that are rooted in Michelle's distinctive style, shamanic training and firm commitment. 

Earth to Ether was created to transcend the conventional 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs, and challenges participants to exceed their perceived boundaries and what they think yoga is as portrayed in a studio setting. 


Michelle’s approach aims to empower participants to not only deepen their personal practice, but to be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to transmit this wisdom effectively in a classroom setting.


This training allows the space for yoga practitioners to cultivate confidence and authenticity in both their personal practice and their ability to guide others towards connection and intimacy with all aspects of life - on and off the mat. 


29  MARCH - 7 JULY 2024


The training is spread over 4 months to allow more time for homework completion, practice and integration. 


There is one weekend off a month (see below) otherwise each week the schedule is as follows: 


Fridays ONLINE (6- approx. 8pm)

Saturday 07:30-2pm in studio

Sunday 07:30-9am (ONLINE),and 11am- 2:30pm in studio


Weekends off:


26-27 April

17-19 May

21-23 June

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