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Everyone wants to be happy, it’s that simple. Yoga is about realising your inherent happiness. It exists in each and every one of us and the path of Yoga provides us with a very practical means to awaken this joy, that is our natural state of being.

The Living Yoga studio is more than just a space; it is a sacred space where students immerse themselves completely in yoga. We encourage our students to take their practice off the mat and into the world we all share. Established by Cherryl Duncan in 2006, the studio and the community that has sprung up around it has continued to grow under Sarah Bentz, a certified Jivamukti teacher and the current owner and director of Living Yoga. Sarah is supported by an incredible group of like-minded teachers all meeting the highest teaching standards and inspiring a path to yoga through compassion for all beings.

Jivamukti is a world-renowned method of yoga created by Sharon Gannon and David Life. Read more (www.jivamuktiyoga.com)Living Yoga is blessed to have hosted many international teachers including: Sharon Gannon, David Life, Jules Febre, Andrea Boyd, Petros Haffenrichter, Anja Kühnel, Dechen Thurman and Olivier David, amongst others.Locally, Living Yoga continually hosts a variety of workshops, Satsungs, charity events, meditation and sutra lectures.

Join us to discover the benefits yoga provides for body, mind and soul. 

“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhanvantu. May all beings everywhere be happy & free”.


Our Studio

Living Yoga community currently resides within the Yoga Experience Studio located at Imperial Wanderer's Stadium, Corlett Drive, illovo Sandton. Our Classes are based within the tented roof top overlooking the beautiful cricket stadium. We look forward to welcoming you to the Living Yoga Community.

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Meet Our Teachers

All the teachers at Living Yoga meet the highest teaching standards. Most qualified under Cherryl Duncan & Sarah Bentz and many are Jivamukti certified and bring a mix of styles including Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Restoratives.



Yoga has had and continues to have such a profoundly positive impact on her own life that she wants to share what she has experienced with as many others as she can. She draws on ancient yogic texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras and her own experiences of Yoga, Buddhism, Vipassana meditation, love of music, dance and life in general to teach mentally and physically uplifting and challenging classes. She continues to study and practice so she can continue to give genuine and authentic teachings. She is eternally grateful to her beloved teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life and Jeffrey Cohen for inspiring her along this path to liberation though compassion for all beings. She is also deeply indebted to Cherryl Duncan for her invaluable teachings, her love, support and guidance and for introducing her to Jivamukti Yoga. If there is anything of any value in Sarah’s classes, it is because of the gifts she has received from these beautiful teachers.



My classes are strong flow & tend to have a theme & creative flair. The focus in my sequences is preparing body for a peak pose in the practice. I love music & there’s always a playlist to help inspire or deepen the theme. I find props are a fun way to learn new things. I believe their are many paths to Yoga & my classes often explore more than just the physical practice.

I started my yoga journey in Cape Town many years ago. I started as an Ashtangi but it was an introduction to the philosophy of the 8 limbs of yoga that really got me hooked. I realized how much there was to learn, practice & share. 



Before Yoga, I led a professional corporate life. In 2006 I studied Reiki at the Reiki Master Level and then in 2007 Mindfulness Meditation, and so began my journey into conscious living, eventually leading to Yoga. First studying Vinyasa Yoga (ERYT200) at Living Yoga and then studying Jivamukti Yoga (Certified 300 Hours), under guidance of my yoga teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, of Jivamukti Yoga NYC.

I teach Jivamukti Yoga, which is a challenging Ashtanga Vinyasa style of yoga

I teach all levels of Yogis: absolute beginners to advanced Yoga practices, classes are challenging, but always accessible and relevant to a modern world. All classes draw on the ancient traditional Yoga teachings and authentic Yogic practices: Poses, Breathing, Mantra, Meditation.



After having a massive sense of humour failure with a her job in advertising, Nicci left a 20 year career behind to practice, study and teach yoga. A 2016 Living Yoga graduate, she totally blames this studio and is also eternally grateful to Sarah, Jo and Bruce for turning her life upside down. 
In June 2019, Nicci became a certified Jivamukti teacher after completing the 300 hour teacher training - a dream that had been building ever since her very first Jivamukti class at Living Yoga. ’The Jivamukti method spoke to me in a way that no other school of yoga had. The seamless integration of the ancient teachings and kindness into a strong physical practice is the perfect vehicle to live a conscious life in the midst of the madness.'
A lover of strong flows and inversions, Nicci’s class will challenge and hopefully inspire you. Not to give up your job necessarily but to keep on returning to your mat to learn to deal with the crazy! 

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