“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more of us who have come alive”

Sarah discovered yoga whilst actively disengaged in the world of finance. Investing in yoga proved a more valuable practice and was the spark that enabled her to truly come alive to the all the possibility the world has to offer, and her part to play in it.

Sarah believes that practising yoga elevates our lives, and alters the possibilities we see for ourselves. She understands that we are all, in one form or another, seeking the same things – we all want to live meaningful lives where we feel connected and do our best. Sarah is inspired to share the tools that allow everyone to access their infinite potential and fully step into the lives they desire.

Love Yoga for Kids was formed when Sarah created a child-focused yoga and mindfulness program. The program is designed to meet the specific needs of children and teens, in a manner that is both accessible and enjoyable in our fast-paced world. Love Yoga recognises the role children play in our collective future and aims to guide and support family, educational and disadvantaged communities.

Sarah’s intention

– be exclusively child focused
– revolutionize the way children live, love and learn
– lead Love Yoga for Kids as a effective and sustainable organisation
– inspire, mould and support exceptional children’s yoga teachers
– commit to continual learning and expansion
– promote a culture based on conscious relationships & community
– be of service to those less fortunate .