Claire’s Yoga journey began with a touch of serendipity in 2006 when she attended her first Bikram Yoga class.

Last year Claire completed the vinyasa yoga teacher training facilitated by Cherryl and Sarah at Living Yoga. She immediately started to teach and realised she wanted to dedicate her life to this practice and take her passion for Yoga and teaching much further!As part of Claire’s studious nature she went for the big league and completed the 2011 Jivamkuti Teacher Training in New York, facilitated by the founders of Jivamkuti Yoga, Sharon Gannon and David Life. Claire learnt so much more than she could imagine on this course and it was during this time that she realised how much there is to share in the amazing practice of Yoga.

Claire is known for her dedication in life and this reflects in her devotion to her students. Claire’s focus lies in ensuring proper alignment and providing significant detail about the postures allowing students to receive maximum benefit. Claire prepares each class meticulously to ensure loads of variety so you never know what to expect. Claire also has loads of passion for what she does which spills over in every class.

Her intention is to increase our small circle of compassion consisting of family and close friends only but to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Claire looks forward to being of service to you and making your Yoga experience more than just a physical workout.