I started practicing yoga in 2000, though it took me until 2009 to become acquainted with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, through Led-classes that I attended at a gym. I instantly felt the power of the experience of working hard, closely with breath and with deep concentration. In 2010 I was introduced to the Mysore method and it was this that brought the true power of the practice home to me. As my practice has developed into a daily practice I have come to feel the purifying effects of my Asana practice throughout the rest of my life – and have come to feel the other seven limbs of yoga take on greater significance.

With this deepening presence of Ashtanga in my life, I felt compelled to take my second teacher training to further immerse myself in the discipline, which I did with Ekam Yoga, in September of this year, 2012, working closely with Olivier David in a course designed by Sarah Yates.

As soon as my study into the method deepened, i felt compelled to travel to Mysore itself, leaving immediately after the course finished for a month’s intensive study.As a teacher of the Mysore method, I teach a yoga that I love and feel part of a lineage that I have a deep respect for. The Mysore style allows practitioners to be empowered and to interact with their practice in a nurturing and truly individual way. I feel the strength of the lineage behind me, which gives me confidence in providing a space for practitioners to learn and develop, as well as a space in which to join energies with other practitioners and to truly feel the power of this unique method of practice.