Andreas Bothner has always been a very active person, playing soccer, water polo and badminton at school, achieving his black belt in Karate and doing mountaineering and scuba diving, he would have liked to study a Bachelor of Physical Education. Instead he became a little grey accountant and then a computer geek. In January 2005 he completed his first Pilates qualification fulfilling his dream of becoming a health and fitness instructor.

Andreas’ yoga journey began at a Virgin Active in 1999 and he has explored many styles of yoga. In 2006 he attended an Ashtanga workshop with an international instructor who had been taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in India. He was so inspired that he has since done multiple trips to India and the USA to study with some of the most senior Ashtanga instructors. His days are incomplete without his daily asana and pranayama practice, and his journey has led him to become more and more interested in the history and philosophy of yoga.

Andreas is a type A personality and yoga has helped him to become more centred and patient and to not sweat the small stuff. He has a very strong understanding of the human anatomy and uses his experience to help students overcome their mental and physical boundaries.