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What if I have never done Yoga before… is it for me?
Yoga is for everyone, young and old, fit and not so fit. Ask anyone who has ever done a yoga class and they will tell you the same. You leave feeling relaxed and happy and ready to take on the ups and downs of life.You are not alone if you feel nervous about joining a Yoga class for the first time. Remember Yoga is all about how you feel, and not about how you look. We have created a space that we want you to feel at home and comfortable in. Our teachers all want the best for you and are concerned primarily with your safety and comfort. We suggest looking at the schedule page and choosing any class that says BASICS or BEGINNER VINYASA for your very first class.
If I am new to yoga can I only do BASICS/BEGINNER classes?
No. Although starting with a basics class is a good idea and doing all 4 weeks of the basics curriculum is encouraged, you should come to yoga as much as you can. The more you practice, the easier it gets. Adding Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior classes during the week to your basics classes is a good way to learn the flow and get comfortable with a sequence that stays the same. Your body will soon learn the shape of the poses and it won’t be long before you feel completely comfortable in any class. You may also be the kind of person to just dive straight in and in this case come to any and every class you can, knowing that there is always somewhere to go back to where you can work on your alignment and refine the poses.
What do I need to do and bring with me first time?
– You do not need to book, you can simply show up! However, please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your first class so we can register you and talk about any injuries or concerns you may have.
– Wear comfortable easy to move in clothing. No shoes are required for yoga.
– If you have a mat, bring it along or you can hire one of ours with a yogi towel for R30.
– Drink water before you come and bring water to drink afterwards. We encourage you not to drink during class if possible.
What is the best class package or card for me?
If it is your first time we encourage you to just pay for a drop in class. If you decide after your first class that this is it for you then you can always add in come money and change your drop in to something else. If you are only managing to squeeze in a practice once or twice a week then a class card is the best option for you because the classes are cheaper than buying drop ins each time. If you are practicing more than 3 times a week then go for a monthly unlimited. Paying for a month will also keep you motivated to keep coming and if you really want to feel and see the benefits you want to keep practicing as much as you can!