I started practising yoga towards the end of 2012 after dabbling in a variety of other physical activities. After my first class, my limbs ached for four days, and I knew I’d found love.
After practising for two years, exploring as many styles as I could, I knew that the time had come to do my Teacher Training. Yoga helps my body and my mind, and I have fallen in love with moving my body, being able to move my body, and the fact that I love moving my body. It keeps me centered and calm. The lessons I’ve learnt on my mat from my teachers are lessons that I try to take off my mat, and a good way to start is by breathing when things get tough  It’s taught me that I am me and I am slowly learning to accept that. I feel at home on my mat.
I’m constantly learning as a teacher from my teachers and my students, and there’s so much still to learn as a student.
I appreciate a strong practice and will challenge you – helping to take you further than you think you can go, and you will come out feeling exhilarated and dreaming of more!