Mysore spaces can often be intimidating to people from the outside, seen as places in which teachers jump up and down on the backs of super-flexible practitioners and wrangle them into mind-blowing shapes with very strong adjustments. This can feature in an Ashtanga studio but is definitely a minority of the experience – and will never necessarily be your experience. Moreover what you will find, especially as someone new to Mysore, is a nurturing space, in which the teacher will guide you into your practice and where appropriate, assist you into postures, as and when your body – and your mind – is ready to receive them.

Once practitioners advance through the sequence and become competent at it, they can often tend to shift their practices to the quiet space of their own home, feeling that they need the Mysore environment less.

This is understandable and is definitely something to work towards – a true self-practice is a very rewarding and special gift to ourselves.

However, even advanced practitioners can benefit from the Mysore energy, the discipline, traditions and communication that it can provide.

The Mysore space doesn¹t need to be a space which will impinge upon the personal practice of a more Advanced practitioner – as long as you are practicing traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and respect the teacher in the room as the authority on the day, looking out for your safety and the safety of other people in the room. Maybe you don¹t want to be adjusted, for example, or taken deeper into postures. Your practice is an open conversation between yourself and the teacher and you are encouraged to communicate with the teacher to get the experience you seek. This said, Andreas, Sarah and I are all sticklers for the traditional method, as we believe in it and will encourage you also to trust in it…

If you are a beginner and seek to learn a sequence with correct alignment and adherence to breath, the Mysore space is perfect for you. The beauty of the method and the system, however, is that it also works perfectly for more advanced practitioners who seek simply to practice with like-minded practitioners. It is a space within which you can simply come and share in the energy, whilst taking yourself through your practice and a space within which you can observe the traditions of the method, the silence, the breathing, the chanting, the hard work of the other practitioners in the room.

Our Living Yoga Mysore space welcomes any kind of practitioner and we encourage that before you have any doubts about it being suitable for you – that you come and talk to us and tell us what you want from your yoga – and then we will tell you exactly how this system just might be the one for you. Hope to see you on the mat soon. Namaste. Becky Wild


Introduction to ashtanga yoga

This class will give you an introduction to the ashtanga yoga system. The class  is designed for beginners and as a entry point into traditional Mysore-style practice.

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