Living Yoga wants you to have the best experience whenever you’re attending classes here, so we ask you to please follow some helpful guidelines:

1. Please turn cell phones to silent.

2. Please take off your shoes in the reception and leave them in the front.

3.Please do your best to be on time for class. If you are late, please wait by the door until the chanting or the teachers opening remarks are over at which point she/he will help you find a place.

4. If you sweat profusely and leave a small puddle around your area by the end of class, please clean it up with a towel! Namaste.

5. Try not to eat a meal too close to your practice, when a full, heavy stomach and busy intestines will distract you from your practice.

6. Please drink water before and after practice, not during.

7. Please refrain from wearing any perfume or strong smelling creams in consideration for the other students and teacher.

8. Men – please wear a shirt in Jivamukti classes so teachers can adjust you properly.

Thank you!